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Membership Fees

Fee Structure

  • Existing Life Members of the Jharkhand State Cricket Association shall become Life Members of the Club on payment of an Entrance Fee of Rupees Ten thousand.
  • A person selected for enrollment as a Permanent Member shall become such Permanent Member upon payment of Entrance Fee of Rupees Five Lakhs Twenty Five thousand and such amount, as may be fixed/resolved by the Governing Committee towards development of the Club.
  • A person selected for enrollment as Service Member shall become member upon payment of Rs. Ten Thousand as Entrance Fee.
  • A Corporate Member shall have to pay Rs. 1 lakh as Entrance Fee and such other amount as may be determined by the Governing Committee from time to time towards development of the Club.
  • A person enrolled as Temporary Member shall have to pay an amount of Rupees Two Thousand as Entrance Fee in addition to the charges applicable for use of the facilities of the Club.

Subscription Charges

Subscription shall be payable at the following rates:

  1. Life Members: Rs. 100/- per month.
  2. Permanent Members: Rs. 400/- per month.
  3. Service Members: Rs. 250/- per month.

The subscriptions by members shall be payable monthly and always in advance and the failure to pay subscriptions for more than two consecutive months shall make the membership liable to be terminated.