The Billiards and Snooker Room

Snooker and Billiards, which are widely considered to be the one of the safest sports worldwide are believed to have originated in India? Sounds Intriguing, isn’t it? Well, for many this fact would also justify the growing popularity of these sports in our country as it is indeed a truth that today, Billiards & Snooker centers are cropping up in every nook and corner.

However, amidst of all this frenzy, most centers in the city with a Biliards& Snooker table facility are not to be visited simply because of the crowd, non-maintenance of the table & balls for even many other reasons.

The Billiards and Snooker Room is simply marvelous with all necessary facilities available making it clearly the place to be at for serious players and learners.

  • Timing: 5PM to 10PM
  • Closed on Wednesday.