How to become a part of the CCC Family

We would love to have you as a part of our CCC family and we have several membership options open .
The following types of members are enrolled:

Life Members

Life Members of the Club shall be those persons who were Life Members of Jharkhand State Cricket Association at the time of incorporation of the Club and are ready to pay such Entrance Fee and subscription charges as fixed by the Country Cricket Club. Such members will have a right to vote from the time they are enrolled as Life Members of the Club.

Permanent Members

Permanent Members of the Club will be such persons as shall from time to time be admitted by the Governing Committee as Permanent Members of the Club and shall sign and lodge with the Secretary a declaration in the prescribed form provided that only the first 250 persons to
be enrolled as such Permanent Members will have the right to vote from the date of their enrollment. Those who are enrolled as Permanent Members thereafter will acquire the right to vote only after two years have elapsed from the date of their enrollment as Permanent Members of the Club.

Honorary Members

His Excellency the Governor of Jharkhand, Hon’ble Chief Minister of the State and the Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court and any other outstanding public figure may be invited by the Committee to become Honorary Members of the Club, if they are not already members.

Service Members

Service Members will be such persons who are in the service of the Government or are leading members of any recognized profession e.g., medical, legal, banking or teaching or are senior functionaries of reputed business houses or Proprietors, Partners or members of governing bodies of reputed business houses who may be taken as Service Members for a period not exceeding 3 years on payment of such fees and subscription as fixed by the Club.

Corporate Members

Corporate Members shall be any reputed private or public company, registered society, trust or any other reputed body corporate.

Temporary Members

Temporary Members will be such members who are allowed to use the facilities of the Club as guests of an existing Member or as a member of an affiliated club on payment of the requisite charges as may be fixed by the Governing Committee from time to time. Such membership shall be coterminous with the usage of the facilities of the Club and shall not be extended in any case beyond such number of days as fixed by the Governing Committee.