Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is applicable to all Members/Guests of Country Cricket Club.

  1. Members/guests shall observe good manners at all times.
  2. Members/guests’ attire shall be dignified at all times.
  3. Members/guests shall not wear shorts/slippers.
  4. Cars are to be parked only in the designated Parking Area.
  5. Pets are prohibited in the Club premises.
  6. Food or beverages from outside are prohibited.
  7. Only the permitted area shall be used and members/guests shall not wander into any green areas.
  8. If any member/guest is responsible for damage to property of the stadium the said member/guest shall make good the damage in material terms.
  9. Members shall ensure disciplined and dignified conduct of their guests.
  10. No plucking of flowers/plants etc. shall be done by members/guests.
  11. As notified at the gate, firearms are prohibited inside the campus.
  12. Guest’s staff (viz bodyguard, driver etc )shall wait in the staff room at the North gate.
  13. A maximum of 5 guests may accompany a member on payment of guest charges. Guest charge applicable will be Rs.100 per guest on Saturdays and Sundays while it will remain Rs.50 per guest on other days.
  14. Except for member’s spouse, parents and children under 21 years of age, everyone else shall be considered as guests.
  15. Bar and Restaurant will close at 11.30 PM and the last order time will be 10.30 PM during Summers (i.e. from March to October)while it will close at 11 PM and the last order time will be 10.00 PM during winters(i.e. from November to February)